District 6200 - Our Sponsor

Rotary District 6200 is comprised of 25 of Louisiana’s 64 civil parishes, known in other parts of the country as counties. Our district stretches along the Louisiana’s coastline--beginning at the edge of the Texas/Louisiana border and moving eastward just west of New Orleans. District 6200 is home to approximately 50 clubs ranging from a dozen dedicated members to clubs with several hundred in their ranks. Rotarians of District 6200 devote countless hours to service projects both within their communities and around the world. The eClub of South Louisiana is District 6200’s latest initiatives and is in response to the need for community members to meet, gather and fellowship--even when schedules or distances don’t easily allow. While true to the tenets of Rotary, our eClub is especially focused on the pressing and complex issues of coastal erosion that impact the lives and economies of these Rotarians in an immediate and personal way. Learn more about all of District 6200’s Rotary Clubs here.

Learn about all of District 6200’s Rotary Clubs here.