Chris Dalbom - Director of the Institute on Water Resources Law at Tulane University

May 10, 2018

Christopher Dalbom is the Program Manager of the Institute on Water Resources Law and Policy at the Law School. He is a past Senior Research Fellow at the Tulane Institute on Water Resources Law and Policy and has done extensive work on legal and policy issues relating to interstate water compacts, Mississippi River management, the RESTORE Act and other revenue streams associated with the Deepwater Horizon disaster, and coastal and water management. He currently leads Institute efforts to draft a comprehensive water code for Louisiana. Prior to coming to Tulane, Christopher served in the Peace Corps in El Salvador and studied cultural geography in Louisiana and Virginia. He has a JD from Tulane University, an MA from Louisiana State University, and a BA from the University of Kansas ..

John Hebert - Sustainable and “Liveable” Coastal Cities – Disaster Recovery and Planning: Case Studies

Apr 10, 2018

John L. Hebert has over 35 years of professional experience as a geologist, which includes nearly 30 years working in environmental science, with special emphasis on hydrogeological evaluations and contaminant assessments. Specific areas of expertise include the evaluation of distribution, environmental fate and transport including emergency planning, risk-based property assessment and multi-media environmental compliance audits for industry. He has particular experience in evaluating impacts and compliance associated with the upstream and midstream oil and gas exploration and development industry, as well as in complex Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) issues including corrective action.   ..

Nedra Haines - Director of the Chenier Plains Coastal Plains Coalition

Apr 06, 2018

This week's guest not only grew up in south Louisiana and but has built an entire career focused on coastal restoration and protection. Hear how her experiences all came together in the formation of the Chenier Plains Coastal Restoration Authority that spearheads coastal protection and restoration efforts in Louisiana's western coast including the parishes of Vermillion,Calcasieu and Cameron. ..

Dr. Kelly Huber-Dunning

Apr 05, 2018 welcomes Dr Kelly Heber Dunning, a Texas-based natural resource management expert with a PhD in Natural Resources and Environmental Policy from MIT, and my MSc from Oxford University Center for the Environment. She also is a Florida Earth Young Scholar.  ..

March 15, 2018 - Terrebonne Levee District Director Reggie Dupre

Mar 15, 2018 is pleased welcome Mr. Reggie Dupre, Director of the Terrebonne Levee and Conservation District to share updates and news on the Morganza to the Gulf levee and hurricane protection system. ..

Garvin Pitmnan, "Rocks, roads and rip rap. How coastal projects go from concept to reality."

Dec 13, 2017

Garvin Pittman, PMP Director, Environmental Specialist
 Mr. Pittman is an Environmental Specialist with a history of successfully managing projects in coastal Louisiana. His extensive field experience, combined with over two decades of project and program management experience make him one of the leaders in Louisiana’s coastal industry. As an imbedded contract project manager at Louisiana’s Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority for four years, Mr. Pittman managed a staff of up to four contracted project managers that were responsible for up to thirty-two Coastal Wetland Planning Protection and Restoration Act projects at any given time. Their responsibilities included financial management and forecasting of each project for input into CPRA’s Annual Plan as well as shepherding these projects through the design and construction phases. Mr. Pittman and his team became familiar with many of CPRA’s financial systems and developed a firm understanding of CPRA’s management philosophies and policies. His experience managing CPRA’s Coastwide Reference Monitoring Systems project and Natural Resource Damage Assessment – Coastal Wetland Vegetation project provides him a breadth of hands on experience in Louisiana’s coastal environment that very few people can match. ..

Tyler Ortego - turn oysters into locally sourced building blocks for restoring our nation's coasts

Nov 30, 2017

Tyler Ortego founded ORA Estuaries in 2009 with the goal to build and maintain the ecological infrastructure that allows our estuaries to remain abundant and productive in conjunction with ever increasing human presence. Tyler is a graduate of Louisiana State University with a bachelors and masters in Biological Engineering. His research focused on the development of bioenginered concrete for growing oysters. Tyler's personal mission is to radically transform the economics of coastal infrastructure. He is convinced that the humble and delicious oyster will play a key part in this transformation. Tyler is a licensed professional civil engineer, and holds a number of patents and pending patents for coastal restoration technologies. Tyler married a New Orleans girl, and therefore will forever live in the greater New Orleans area. He and Kim have two young children. His hope is that they can grow up and thrive in this truly special corner of the world. ..

Stan Bronson - Live from Sustainable Water Resources Roundtable NOLA Meeting

Oct 26, 2017

Stan Bronson is a seven generation Floridian, born in Orlando, with undergrad education done at Florida Southern College and grad work done at Florida Atlantic University and the University of Florida. Spending most of his career in the citrus industry, 14 years of which was COO of a large citrus operation, in 1999 he joined the extension faculty of the University of Florida, developing a natural resources education program for South Florida ecosystem restoration initiatives. That program has evolved into the Florida Earth Foundation, begun in January 2002. FEF is a public-private partnership of over 120 agencies, universities, industries and not-for-profits, whose mission is to “put people together through education, outreach and facilitation to ensure the environmental integrity of Florida and quality of life.” Bronson now serves as Executive Director of Florida Earth, which administers the nation’s only permanent program with the United Nations, the UNESCO-IHE/Florida Earth Partnership. Florida Earth also runs the US-Netherlands Connection (USNC) program, which brings teams of delegates from the US to the Netherlands to see Dutch expertise in water infrastructure and management, especially as it relates to sea-level rise adaptation and resilience. Coming from a ranching family who supplied the land for Walt Disney World in the 1960’s, Stan’s love of the land has always been an inspiration throughout his career.

Albert Slap - Getting to ‘Resilient’ After Harvey and Irma

Oct 09, 2017

Albert J. Slap is president and co-founder of Coastal Risk Consulting, LLC, a geospatial technology, modeling and analytics company located in Plantation, FL. Coastal Risk is the first company to provide millions of coastal homeowners in the US, as well as businesses and local governments, with online, state-of-the-art, climate risk assessments at an affordable price. ..