February 16 - Economic Evaluation of Coastal Land Loss

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Louisiana lost approximately 1,880 square miles of land between 1932 and 2010 and could lose another 1,750 square miles by 2050 (LA Master Plan, 2012). This process could profoundly disrupt the state's infrastructure, as well as the flow of goods, services, and people to, from, and through Louisiana's coastal areas. Such disruptions will likely be expensive to Louisiana but also to the rest of the nation because it relies on the region for energy production and transport, seafood, shipping, tourism, and more.
This discussion presents the economic consequences that land loss could have for Louisiana and the United States in a future without action, based on a collaborative study by the RAND Corporation and Louisiana State University (LSU). We examine land loss at 25- and 50-year horizons in both moderate and less optimistic scenarios and examine what business activities and capital stocks are directly at risk. We calculate potential economic disruption and damage due to storm activity from a changing coast in all scenarios and use input-output analysis to estimate the effects that losses could have on coastal Louisiana and on the country at large. We also discuss the effects that land loss could have on ecosystem services.

Today's Speaker

eRotary Coastal is pleased to welcome Dr. Gary Cecchine, director of research for the RAND Gulf States Policy Institute and a senior natural scientist at the RAND Corporation. He leads and conducts technical and policy research in a range of areas, including energy and environmental policy, coastal protection, emergency preparedness and response, homeland security, and science policy. As director of research, he also develops and coordinates policy research in health, education, economics, public safety, and regional and strategic planning. Gary earned his Ph.D. in biology and public policy from the Georgia Institute of Technology and was a U.S. Army officer in the infantry and medical service.

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