Garvin Pitmnan, "Rocks, roads and rip rap. How coastal projects go from concept to reality."

Dec 13, 2017

Garvin Pittman, PMP Director, Environmental Specialist
 Mr. Pittman is an Environmental Specialist with a history of successfully managing projects in coastal Louisiana. His extensive field experience, combined with over two decades of project and program management experience make him one of the leaders in Louisiana’s coastal industry. As an imbedded contract project manager at Louisiana’s Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority for four years, Mr. Pittman managed a staff of up to four contracted project managers that were responsible for up to thirty-two Coastal Wetland Planning Protection and Restoration Act projects at any given time. Their responsibilities included financial management and forecasting of each project for input into CPRA’s Annual Plan as well as shepherding these projects through the design and construction phases. Mr. Pittman and his team became familiar with many of CPRA’s financial systems and developed a firm understanding of CPRA’s management philosophies and policies. His experience managing CPRA’s Coastwide Reference Monitoring Systems project and Natural Resource Damage Assessment – Coastal Wetland Vegetation project provides him a breadth of hands on experience in Louisiana’s coastal environment that very few people can match. ..