Coastal issues affect us all and it is important that we all have a good working knowledge of the issues.

Here are some great resources to help you stay on top of what’s going on. (Please note, these resources are posted here as a reference only. The positions and programs of these resources are those of the listed organizations only.)

Coastal Protection and Restoration Agency

Also known by its acronym, CPRA, this Louisiana state agency has the daunting role of managing a mixed bag of federally and state funded projects that either directly are restoring Louisiana’s fragile coastlines or contribute to that restoration in some way. Learn more at

The Coalition to Restore Louisiana’s Coastline

According to the organization’s website, this non-profit group’s focus is, “to drive bold, science-based action to rebuild Coastal Louisiana through outreach, restoration and advocacy.” More information is online at

Restore the Mississippi Delta

The group offers a science and research-based approach to restoring the Mississippi River delta which is another way of saying restoring a large segment of Louisiana’s coastline. Although the river delta is slightly east of Rotary District 6200, initiatives like these remain important to the entire coastline.

More information is available at

Restore or Retreat

Restore or Retreat offers a blend of public and private entities focused on the issues of coastal restoration. The organization has participated in the formation of some of the planning that is currently being implemented to restore Louisiana’s coastline. Learn more at

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